Established in August 2002, WADAN is an indigenous, government registered NGO. We undertake community and institutional development, civic education, education, drug control, human rights, anti-corruption and child protection initiatives. WADAN is headquartered in the capital, Kabul, has offices in the provinces that provide national coverage. We have worked in all 34 provinces.

WADAN builds people; while we understand that progress will be incremental due to universal lack of good educational opportunities, geographical isolation, the long term effects of war and continuing warfare, we are consistent in our efforts.

A Message

Theory of Change

“Informed citizens, a politically active citizenry, is the most critical element of any democratic society; WADAN stands to build and empower people and communities to make informed decisions, set the vision for the future, transform crisis into opportunities and build a democratic, developed and prosperous Afghanistan.” Mohammad Nasib, a WADAN founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors, March 2016.


On July 13, 2005, Mohammad Nasib and WADAN were awarded The Democracy Award. Given annually by the National Endowment for Democracy ( this award recognizes the efforts of individuals and organizations working to advance human rights and democracy. In 2006, Mohammad Nasib and WADAN were awarded the Ghazi Mir Masjeedi Khan Award by the government of Afghanistan for accomplishments in grassroots democracy to give rural residents a voice. The award was presented by former King Mohammad Zahir Shah, king of Afghanistan from 1933 to 1973.